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OsseoSpeed Profile EV – A unique solution to a common clinical challenge







The challenge

It is a well-known fact that the bone crest resorbs after tooth extraction or tooth loss. Studies have shown that remodeling is often more pronounced on the buccal than on the lingual side, resulting in a lingual-to-buccal sloped ridge.

OsseoSpeed EV 4.2 level with lingual bone

Positioning an implant level with the lingual marginal bone leaves the implant neck exposed and the esthetic result is compromised. This situation may require complementary bone augmentation procedures.

OsseoSpeed EV 4.2 level with bucc bone

Positioning an implant level with the buccal marginal bone means the unsupported lingual marginal bone is lost. The mesial and distal marginal bone levels, as well as soft tissue height, are compromised.

The solution

"The sloped design lets the implant adapt to the anatomy rather than letting the anatomy adapt to the implant design.“    

Prof. Dr. Wilfried Wagner, University of Mainz, Germany

OsseoSpeed Profile EV is a unique* implant specifically designed to follow the existing bone in sloped ridge situations delivering 360° bone preservation. The design maintains soft tissue esthetics and can help reduce the need for bone augmentation. 

* Patented

The system

ASTRA TECH Implant System BioManagement Complex




ASTRA TECH Implant System BioManagement Complex

As a foundation of the ASTRA TECH Implant System EV, the unique combination of interdependent features in the ASTRA TECH Implant System BioManagement Complex ensures reliable, predictable and esthetic results both in the short and long term.

Being an integral part of the new ASTRA TECH Implant System EV, OsseoSpeed Profile EV is supported by this well-documented and unique BioManagement Complex. 


Wide range of sloped implants

Wide range of implant options

OsseoSpeed Profile EV is available in straight and conical implant designs, and in lengths from 8–17 mm.

Self-guiding impression components

Self-guiding impression components

This innovative design provides a time-efficient installation procedure and a predictable workflow between the clinician and dental technician.

One-position-only placement

Straightforward process

One-position-only placement of all indexed components makes the entire treatment procedure simple and predictable.

The proof


Clinical documentation

Graph width keratinized mucosaOsseoSpeed Profile implants are being evaluated in several ongoing studies sponsored by DENTSPLY Implants:

  • 250 patients and 300 implants.
  • Healed ridges and extraction sockets.
  • Up to three years follow-up.

Main conclusions

  • High implant survival rate
  • Stable hard and soft tissue levels
  • Preserved discrepancies between buccal and lingual bone levels

A significant increase in the width of keratinized mucosa in patients with compromised soft tissue has also been reported (see figure).

Implant placement, Dr. Robert Nölken

Implant placement OsseoSpeed Profile

Prosthesis delivered at 5 months, Dr. Robert Nolken

Prosthesis delivered at 5 months

3-year follow-up, Dr. Robert Nolken

3-year follow-up


Clinical photos courtesy of
PD. Dr. Robert Nölken, Germany

"The product has greatly helped to reduce the need for bone grafting which was necessary with older implant styles.“    

PD. Dr. Robert Nölken, private practice, Lindau Germany

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